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Genie Remote Control Clicker GPT90-1

Genie Garage Door Remote GPT90-1

Genie Remote Control Transmitter GPT90-1

Wayne Dalton
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Product Code: GPT90-1
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
No longer available
Genie GPT90-1 transmitter remote control. This product is out of stock. The replacement is Genie GM3T-BX Remote Control, which can be found on our website through the search box.

390 MHZ Frequency12 Switch Programming9 Volt Operation
Works with Genie operators and receivers using 390 MHZ and 12 switch code programming. Replaces remote model numbers AT90, MAT90, CT90, LD12, AT95, AT290, GT90, LDT90, PMT90, CT90-1, PMT90-1, AT90-1. Works with garage door opener models ACL60, ALC70, ALC80, AT 90, AT 95, B8QACST, Blue Max, CM60S, CM70S, CM7500-S, CM80S, CM8500-S, G2500, G4050CL, G5000-2, G5000-CL, G5050-2, G5050-CL, G5500-1, G5500-CL, G5700-CL, G5700, G5700-CL, G8000, G8000-CL, GDR9000-2, GPS1200, GPS700, GX9000-1, GX9000-CL, GXL10000, GXL10000-C1, GXL9500-1, GXL9500-2, GXL9500-CL,GXL9550-2, GXL9550-CL, GXL9900-CL, LAD125, LAD333, LAD555, LD550A, Legacy, Lift Dor, PMX1200, PMX60, PMX65, PMX70, PMX700, PMX75, PMX80, PMX80 Q SS, PMX85, Pro 82, Pro 8800, Pro 098-S, Pro88-S, RCD 125, RCD 500, SP 229.
-GPT90-1 Transmitter-Visor Clip-9 Volt Battery-Programming Instructions


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