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Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain 390MHZ 976LM Keyless Entry

Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain wireless keyless entry digital pad 390MHZ 976LM

Liftmaster Sears Chamberlain 390MHZ 976LM / 977LM Keyless Entry

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Product Code: 977LM
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REPLACEMENT PART - 877Max Wireless Keypad
Original manufacturers part,390 Mhz frequency, 9-volt battery operated, part number 976LM a 977LM keypad is substituted per the manufacturers change, Color: GreyWorks with all Liftmaster, Sears and Chamberlain garage door openers, utilizing the 390 Mhz frequency. Circuit board rear panel numbers 41A5021-3, 41A5021-1, 41A5021-2, 41D4674-10, 41D4674-11, 41A5483-2, 41A5483, 41A5389-1 (Do not worry about the letter following your circuit board number it is used as a revision tool for inventory purposes) Sears numbers on rear or side panel 139.53661, 139.53661SRT, 139.53661SRT3, 139.53662, 139.53662SRT, 139.53662SRT2, 139.53663, 139.53663SRT, 139.53664, 139.53664SRT, 139.53664SRT2, 13953670, 139.53670SRT1, 139.53671, 139.53671SRT, 139.53671SRT3, 139.53672, 139.53672SRT, 139.53672SRT2, 139.53672SRT3, 139.53673, 139.53673SRT, 139.53673SRT3, 139.53674, 139.53674SRT1, 139.53674SRT2, 139.53675, 139.53675SRT1, 139.53675SRT2, 139.53677, 139.53677SRT, 139.53677SRT3, 13953910, 139.53914, 139.53954, 139.53961, 139.53961SRT, 139.53962, 139.53962SRT, 139.53962SRT1, 139.53963, 139.53963SRT, 139.53964, 139.53964SRT, 139.53966, 139.53966SRT, 139.53966SRT1, 139.53974, 139.53974SRT, 139.53975, 139.53975SRT, 139.539SRT1, 139.53976, 139.53976SRT, 139.53978, 139.53978SRT, 139.53978SRT1, 139.53982SRT, 139.53985, 139.53991, 139.53991SRT.Wireless Keypad 977LM, 9-volt battery, 1 year manufacturers warranty, mounting hardware, installation instructions.


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