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Program Remotes and Transmitters

Adding your transmitter to the Overhead Door Commercial Operator

  1. Press the CAL|RUN key to enter calibration mode
  2. Press the SCROLL key until the display shows “LEARN NEW XMTR?”
  3. At the same time “HIT SET FOR YES” will scroll across the display
  4. Press the SET|CLEAR key
  5. The display will read “PUSH XMTR BUTTON TWO TIMES TO LEARN XMTR”
  6. Press the transmitter button two times
  7. The display will read “XMTR ## LEARNED”
  8. The display will assign a number 1-50. You may want to write this number down to keep track of each transmitter.
  9. Press the CAL|RUN key to return to run mode.
  10. The transmitter is now ready to use.