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Wayne Dalton I Drive

Wayne Dalton i-drive Openers (Discontinued)

Wayne Dalton has been manufacturing garage door openers since 1954 is a leader in the garage door opener industry with several unique products.

Wayne Dalton sets the standard in safety and aesthetics for the garage door opener industry. Their patented technology has features not present in any other garage door opener.Unlike traditional ceiling mounted garage door openers, the Wayne Dalton I-drive is mounted to the garage door header on the spring system directly above the garage door.This wall mounted design eliminates the clutter and noise associated with chain, screw and belt drive openers utilizing a customary rail system.

The i-drive openers is available in two models the Torquemaster i-drive and the Torsion i-drive. The Torquemaster version only works with the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring systems.The Torsion i-drive works with most other residential garage doors utilizing a torsion spring counter balance system. To order visit for more information visit
Features for both models include:

-A multi-function, wireless wall button that can be mounted anywhere in your garage which incorporates a pet opening button; this allows the door to be programmed to open between 6” and 30”.A 10-second time delay button to close for easy exit.A security light button to turn the light on or off without opening or closing the door.

-Security light that mounts into any outlet in the garage and is turned on by opening or closing the garage door or by activating the light by the wireless wall station.

-Each unit comes with (2) 3-button transmitters that can operate up to 6 doors or devices and with its compact design it can be mounted to your visor or keychain.

-Wireless keypad to operate your garage door from outside by simply entering in a digital code.

-HomeLink compatible

-Electronic System Monitoring. Automatically monitors for operating malfunctions, alerts homeowner with a flashing light.

-Rolling Access Codes.Each time you operate your door the system automatically recodes your receiver to one of billions of codes eliminating code stealing.

-Automatic Travel Limit Set. The system constantly measures for weather changes and floor level variations to be sure the garage door always has the best seal.This prevents the need for adjusting the door occasionally.

-Soft Start/Stop.This feature rarely found in other operators slowly starts and stops the garage door greatly decreasing wear and tear on the garage door.

All of Wayne Dalton’s engineering, innovations and features have been integrated into the i-drive openers. These openers have been awarded the Consumer Digest “Best Buy” Award; one of the latest additions of Consumer Digest.Also, listed as a top 100 product in Building Products Magazine



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