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All About TorqueMaster Springs

How do I order TorqueMaster springs?

You can check out our blog Ordering Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs or head straight to the TorqueMaster Springs product page to purchase.

Do I need to convert to a torsion spring?

No, If you have a TorqueMaster spring you will not need to convert to a Torsion Spring as these are very easy to replace. Customers have fixed their garage in as little as 15 minutes by replacing their broken TorqueMaster Spring. You can learn more about Why Service Providers Want You to Convert Your Torsion Springs here.

Are TorqueMaster springs bad?

No, TorqueMaster Springs are Wayne Dalton springs built for Wayne Dalton garage doors. They are part of a system that was built to work well together. These springs provide a clean look while also exceeding DASMA’s Requirements of 10,000 cycles. A cycle is one up/down of the garage door and on average is about 7-10 years of garage door daily use.

What style of TorqueMaster spring do I have?

TorqueMaster Original (TM or TM1) has a circular winding end and was manufactured before February 2007.

TorqueMaster Plus (TM+ or TM3) has a ⅝” hexagon winding end and was manufactured after 2007.

TorqueMaster Description Photo

Why is my TorqueMaster spring a different length?

Spring manufacturing has changed, so there may be some differences in spring length and this is normal. Springs can be up to a foot shorter than your old spring.

Why does my TorqueMaster spring have a rod in it?

Springs that have a counterbalance weight above 85 pounds could have a rod within them. If you have added struts or insulation to your door you may now need a spring that has a rod within it due to heavier garage door weight.

Why doesn’t my TorqueMaster spring have a rod in it?

Due to manufacturing changes, some spring sizes don't need the inner rod now. You will receive the correct springs manufactured for the weight of the door you provided. Springs that have a counterbalance weight of less than 85 pounds may not have a rod within them.

What do the plastic sleeves do for my TorqueMaster Springs?

The plastic on your TorqueMaster spring is a barrier between the metal springs and the metal tube. This creates a noise barrier to dampen the noise of the metal-on-metal sound. Please reuse the plastic sheath as replacement springs may not come with this piece to lower the cost of shipping for our customers.

How do I find the weight of my Wayne Dalton garage door?

You can typically locate the weight of your door on the sticker on the LEFT SIDE of the spring tube. Most of the time, but not always, there is a garage door weight abbreviated as WGT or WT on that sticker. However, sometimes this sticker gets smudged, painted over, and sometimes is just gone. What to do if your TorqueMaster spring tube sticker is missing:

  1. Spring dimensions and product numbers. Contact us with this information and we can help you get as close as possible to the correct weight.
  2. You can weigh the door using a scale.

What does LEFT SIDE mean on my sticker?

The “LEFT SIDE” you see on the sticker located on your spring tube is for the installation of the tube itself. It does not state the side the springs are on. You can determine the spring side by the RH (Right-Hand) or LH (Left-Hand) seen after the spring information.

Are the end cones installed on the springs?

Yes, your new springs will be ready to be replaced upon arrival! The end cones, also known as the winding shaft or winding cones are pre-installed as well as the teardrop stationary cones.

Can I use part numbers to order new TorqueMaster Springs?

Yes! We have access to specific information that correlates with each part number. If need exact replacement springs we can match or ship the equivalent springs you currently have installed.

Can I use the Inside Diameter, wire size, and spring length to order new TorqueMaster springs?

Yes! This is the information on the original springs installed. Feel free to reach out for us to reverse engineer this information and give you a counterbalance weight for your specific springs.

Can you tell me the weight of my Wayne Dalton garage door using a series/model number?

Yes, we have the manufactured weight of your door based on the series/model, size, and whether windows are installed or not. If you have added struts or insulation to your door the weight will be heavier and you will need springs matching the new counterbalance weight.

What parts do I need for my TorqueMaster system?

It is common to replace the Cables and Drums as well when replacing springs. Depending on your environment these cables can rust and break unexpectedly. The Winding Tool is also perfect if you have a couple of doors to make balancing the door a much easier task.

Do I need to lubricate my springs?

No, you do not need to lubricate your springs. The springs come pre-lubricated and are ready to install upon arrival. It is good practice to lubricate your springs, rollers, and hinges annually. #400-HD Lubricant is used by many service professionals.

What side do my TorqueMaster Springs go on?

The Left-Hand spring is red and is installed on the left-hand side when standing inside the garage. The Right-Hand spring is gray and is installed on the right-hand side when standing inside the garage.

Left Hand is Red, Right Hand is Gray

Can I replace just the Winding Cones on my TorqueMaster Springs?

Yes, but it is difficult without the correct tools. Some customers have changed their winding cones from TorqueMaster Original to TorqueMaster Plus using a bench vice and vice grips. It is recommended to fully replace the springs for an accurate counterbalance weight.

Why are my TorqueMaster winding cones plastic?

Wayne Dalton has changed their winding cones to a heavy-duty nylon. These are very solid and more durable than the original aluminum winding ends.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster

If you need additional accessories and parts visit our TorqueMaster Parts Page.

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