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Ordering Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs

Wayne Dalton is a garage door manufacturer that sells many different styles. Modern garage doors utilize springs to lift and balance the doors as they go up and down. Wayne Dalton uses their very own unique spring system called TorqueMaster. Just like traditional torsion springs or the older style of extension springs, TorqueMaster springs wear out over time as well and will need to be replaced.

A broken garage door spring can be a real bummer! It can be expensive and if not done correctly can be dangerous. If your TorqueMaster springs have broken, we want to make it as quick, efficient, and safe as possible to replace them. These 3 steps will help guide you through the ordering process to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Determine TorqueMaster Type
  2. Determine Garage Door Weight
  3. Determine if your door has One or Two Springs

Determine TorqueMaster Type

There are two types of TorqueMaster winding ends on TorqueMaster Springs; TorqueMaster Original and TorqueMaster Plus.

TorqueMaster Original

  • Circular Ends
  • Manufactured before Feb. 2007
  • Often Labeled as TM 1 on the Sticker

TorqueMaster Plus

  • Hexagon Ends
  • Manufactured after Feb. 2007
  • Often Labeled as TM 3 on the sticker

The reason for these changes is due to changes in manufacturing from Wayne Dalton.  Though you can still purchase TorqueMaster Original Springs, some TorqueMaster original parts have been discontinued.  If you would like to convert from your older springs to a new one visit our Converting to TorqueMaster Plus Product page.

Determine Garage Door Weight

The springs are engineered on the door weight so it is a crucially important detail.  There is always a sticker on the LEFT SIDE of the spring tube that gives information about the system that was installed.  Most of the time, but not always, there is a garage door weight abbreviated as WGT or WT on that sticker. However, sometimes this sticker gets smudged, painted over, and sometimes is just gone. What to do if your TorqueMaster spring tube sticker is missing:

  1. Spring dimensions and product numbers. Contact Us with this information and we can help you get as close as possible to the correct weight.
  2. You can weigh the door using an analog scale.

You want to make sure to be within 10 pounds of your door's actual weight.  Any more or less than 10 pounds will result in putting too much stress on your opener | operator.

One or Two Springs

All Wayne Dalton garage doors will either have a single or double spring system.  This is simply determined by the number of springs used to counterbalance the weight of the door.  These springs are located inside the Spring Tube and it is sometimes unclear as to how many springs there are.  A determining factor for a spring will be the presence of a winding unit at the end of the spring tube closest to the track.  Most of the time a single TorqueMaster spring will be located on the Right Hand side.  A TorqueMaster double spring will have winding ends on both the Right-hand and Left-hand sides.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Parts

If you need additional accessories and parts visit our TorqueMaster Parts page.

If you have any further questions feel free to Contact Us or chat with us using the chat below.

If you can't find the parts you need or are looking for more information on discontinued TorqueMaster Original Spring parts visit our Discontinued TorqueMaster Parts article.

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My son has moved into a new home and his garage door does not have Extension or torsion springs. It dose have a numbered dial on one side and cables hanging down. I don’t see any name on the device. Not sure if someone removed the springs or if it’s a type of system I have not seen. I really don’t know what I need to order to get this door operating.

Gary Morris,

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