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Why Service Providers Want You to Convert Your Springs

Some companies simply do not have the knowledge or the inventory to replace TorqueMaster Springs or other similar spring systems such as the EZset. Also, many dealers and service providers are trying to make money to run a business effectively. Not only do they need to pay for the material/parts they also have a much higher overhead cost on providing that service. The majority of spring systems in the United States are Torsion spring systems so it makes sense for them to be cost-effective and efficient and tell you need to convert to the system they know best, the Torsion Spring.

You Can Do It Yourself

If you have a TorqueMaster spring you will not need to convert to a Torsion Spring. Homeowners and customers just like you have fixed their garage in as little as 15 minutes by replacing their broken TorqueMaster Spring. We have made it easy for homeowners and professionals to access TorqueMaster Parts and Springs for easy replacement. With videos, Instruction manuals, and excellent customer service we are here to help you fix our door for a much cheaper cost.

What Matters Most?

Not every spring system is perfect and they do have their flaws. TorqueMaster for example has a very nice clean look by hiding the springs but this makes it hard to tell when a spring has broken. Torsion springs are visible and it is easy to tell when you have a broken spring.

Torsion springs are visible but require an expert or Service Provider to switch these out. You will be paying for the labor and the material to replace these springs which can add up to $225 - $1000 depending on where you live and the rate of the labor.

Talking About Size

Some think TorqueMaster is lower quality because they are smaller.  Every spring has to meet DASMA requirements and TorqueMaster does indeed exceed these requirements by 15%. Plenty of money goes into engineering these systems which are built as a counterbalance to a specific garage door weight. From 25 pounds to 150 pounds of counterbalance on springs, TorqueMaster Springs are Wayne Dalton springs built for Wayne Dalton garage doors. They are part of a system that was built to work well together. These springs provide a clean look while also exceeding DASMA’s spring requirements of 10,000 cycles. A cycle is one up/down of the garage door and on average this is about 7-10 years of garage door daily use.

Keeping Limbs

Torsion springs are dangerous. Making a wrong move can cause a novice to severely get hurt. Replacing torsion springs is highly recommended to be left up to the experts and service professionals. TorqueMaster and EzSet springs are built with the DIY customer in mind and are significantly safer.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Parts

So you're asking how do I order Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs?  You can check out our blog Ordering Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs or head straight to the TorqueMaster Springs product page to purchase.

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